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Can I allow attachments for a service request?

Click on the Go To -> Setup -> Service Request -> Service Request Type -> Check box to allow attachments.

How do I map service request locations?

On your quick pane you can select all requests, and once all the requests pull up, you then select "map request".

What other search options are available for customers?

Search (on quick pane), Choose Search for: Customers, Click Advanced Search, Field drop down menu, choose Custom field to search on.

Can I edit the list of request issue source options?

Click on Go To-> Setup-> Service Request-> Request Origin, from there you can add new items to the list, as well as change any of the existing ones in the list.

How do I add a new status to a service request type?

Click on Go To-> Setup->Service Request->Service Request Type, click the pencil on any Service Request, then click the "status sets" tab to see the new button.

What is the "link builder" under tools used for?

You can use the link builder to generate links from different pages on the portal side. 

What are the check boxes used for on the forward function?

When clicking into a question or an answer along with the option to forward that information you can now choose which attachments you would like to forward with the email.

Will customer information repopulate in the system if they are new?

Click on "Create" from quick pane, Click Question, enter your new customer email, phone #, or last name then click search, if customer is not in the system, select add new customer and it will repopulate the field that you searched on.

How do I add a new custom field to a request type?

Click on Go To-> Setup->Service Request->Service Request Type, click the pencil on any Service Request, then click the "Custom Fields" tab to see the new button.

The consolidated "Ask a Question" page now supports customer custom fields.

To enable them, click Go To-> Setup-> Question/Answer->Details and make sure "Show" is selected in Custom Fields drop down list located in the Customer Info.

Do I have ability to sort the state drop down list values when a customer is creating a new account?

Click on Go To-> Setup -> Customers -> Details-> Edit State/Province Values.

You can now change visibility on bulk update answers.

Views (on quick pane) Click Answers->All Answers then click the top left hand corner check box. Click "Update Checked" then you can change the visibility for all the answers.

Trouble with Spell Check

If you experience an issue when adding a note or saving a request when Spell Check is engaged, please clear your browser's cache. Depending on what browser you are using, you may need to close all browser windows after clearing your history to see...

What is the Parent/Child relationship feature for requests and how does it work?

The parent child relationship can be classified as a request hierarchy. Which can have a one to one relationship or one to many relationship between a parent request and it's children request(s).You will need to first activate this feature under...

When pasting information in an HTML editor, a popup asks if I want to allow access to my clipboard.

In version 7.x of the administration tool, the editor control uses javascript to handle the cut, copy and paste operations. Depending on your Internet Explorer security settings, you may be prompted each time you attempt one of these operations. To...