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    Europe’s Toughest Mudder UK - FAQs

    Europe’s Toughest Mudder UK - FAQs


    RTM FAQs:

    Q: Is the course the same as the normal Tough Mudder course and will it be the same obstacles used earlier in the day? 
    A:  The course will utilize a mix of course and obstacles from the Tough Mudder event, in addition to a handful of obstacles modified specifically for Toughest Mudder, and Toughest-only course features.

    Q: Will there be the normal feed and water stations with energy bars and water? 
    A:  There will be one water station for every 5 miles of course.  There will only be water provided at these locations.  All additional food or drinks needed will have to be brought in by competitors or support crew.

    Q: Will I need a wetsuit? 
    A: Wetsuits are recommended but not mandatory for participation.

    Q: Will I need a headlamp or flashers? 
    A:  A headlamp and strobe light will be required for each participant.  It is recommended that participants bring extras in case of damage or loss.

    Q: Will I need a support crew and if so what are the instructions? 
    A:  Each runner can have up to two (2) ”support” crew at the event.  Support crew can provide assistance to runners only in the Mudder Village area.  This includes helping runners change equipment, having food and drink prepared between course laps, and providing timing information. Support Crew will not be able to leave Mudder Village at Europe’s Toughest Mudder.

    Q: Will I be able to pitch tents like in World’s Toughest Mudder? 
    A:  There will not be space provided to set up tents at Toughest Mudder.  Runners will be allocated a small space out of the elements within the Mudder Village to store provisions which can be accessed by Support Crew members.  

    Q: Will there be food services available overnight for Support Crew / Participants?
    A: No, please plan on bringing enough food and supplies to support both Support Crew and participant through the night

    Q: Will there be spectators at Europe’s Toughest Mudder?  
    A: Unfortunately, there will be no spectators at Europe’s Toughest Mudder in the UK. 

    Q:  What supplies do I need to bring as a runner?
    A:  We would suggest: 2x regular running equipment (shoes - such as Merrell’s All Out Crush, socks, shorts, shirt), wetsuit, headlamp (waterproof), Flasher (waterproof), Towels, change of dry clothes, and enough food and water to support 8hrs of running. 

    Q. What are the prizes for Europe’s Toughest Mudder Midlands?
    A: Individual Female and Male prizing categories are as follows:
    1st Place = £4000 
    2nd Place - £1500
    3rd Place = £800
    4th Place = £400 
    5th Place = £200

    Q:  What if I want to run with a teammate?
    A:  Participants are welcome to run with as large of a team as desired, there are no rules against running as a team or group. However, awards will only be given out individually, and will be determine by an electronic sensor, awarded to the participant/s who complete the most laps in the 8hr period.

    Q:  If I run 30+ miles (or place Top 5) at Europe’s Toughest Mudder do I need to submit an application to be a contender at WTM?
    A:  No, once you register for WTM, you will automatically be considered a contender and will placed in the contender group. Top 5 placers will be automatically considered Elite Contenders at WTM.
    Contender Qualification for WTM
    Must run 30 miles (or more) at a Toughest event to qualify as a contender for WTM ‘17
    We’ve removed Top 30 placement from the qualification measure
    Contender perks will remain the same for WTM ‘17: Custom bib, Premium Pit & Start locations, and eligibility for cash prizing
    Elite Contender Qualification for WTM
    Must place in the Top 5 at a Toughest event in 2017 to qualify as an elite contender for WTM ‘17
    Elite contender category will have the same perks as Contender, plus: Elite Bib and eligibility for Bonus prizing at WTM ‘17

    Q: If I qualify by running 30+ miles, can I give my contender spot away to another participant who is running WTM?
    A: No, you can only claim your own performance for contender status. 

    Q. If I can’t attend Europe’s Toughest Mudder UK can I still enter to be a contender for WTM?
    A: If you cannot attend Europe's Toughest Mudder and want to run a WTM '17, there will be an application process released in the coming weeks which will outline how and where to submit an application and the past -or- relevant performance required to enter into this category at WTM ‘17.


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